Yamaha Voice Library


Yamaha Voice Library



Absolutely fantastic collection of over 660 USER VOICES for Yamaha Tyros 1,2,3, PSR S-910, PSR S-710, PSR S-550, PSR S-900, PSR S-700, PSR3000, PSR1500, CVP series etc.

660+ new sounds to play with (edited from the existing sounds from Tyros source but adapted, edited, and changed with the synth and onboard effects). Although many of these sounds are available on the net free of charge (if you know where to look), we have taken out any chance of viruses or adware and have also added our OWN favourite selections unavailable anywhere else!

Tons of different ORGAN, GUITAR, STRINGS, PADS, VOICES etc, even new Synth sounds, Variety and Effects!!!

One more thing - look at this price - 9.99

Yes, for less than 10 we can supply the complete set on floppy disk or download. Alternatively we can supply on USB stick for 16.99. Unbeatable value!!!


USB STICK (16.99)





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