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We are proud to offer one of the largest and best value libraries of software available for the Yamaha "EL" series Electones. Furthermore, having taken over the SOUNDSOFT collection of software and related items in 2003, we now offer even more, including new USER GUIDES, VIDEOS and more! 

SOUNDSOFT originally provided software for the ARIEL CLUB, a regular magazine for Yamaha Electone owners, but now has no connection with it. This range of software has been absent for 3 years, but it is with great pleasure that we can now offer these goods to our own customers, plus ex-members of the ARIEL CLUB.



Our 'EL' range includes:



"NBX" DISKS- a range of 14 superb disks, EACH featuring no less than 80 NEW rhythms AND registrations! From Special Organ Tones to The Great Musicals - you'll find it here!

PERFORMANCE DISKS - 4 RARE, unique disks, created originally by Yamaha is Japan. Featuring rare performances by Yamaha's top artistes, all with stunning registrations you can use for your OWN playing enjoyment. ABSOLUTE BARGAINS AT ONLY 5 PER DISK!!!!


THE CABARET COLLECTION - 2 unique new disks, EASY LISTENING and BIG BAND. Both designed around books of the same name, and both featuring all new rhythms & registrations.


VOICE COVER DISKS - a range of 18 super registration disks covering many different styles of music 9.99 each or less!


EL VIDEOS - 2 definitive video guides by Glyn Madden covering all you need to know about your EL Electone. NEW BARGAIN PRICE!!!




POWERSOFT Menu Disks - stunning registrations that appear in the screen. Each 4-disk set is only 14.95!


POWERSOFT Registration Collections - Magnificent 2-disk sets containing registrations made up of User Sounds and User Rhythms! Only 17.50 per set!



POWERSOFT Voice Collection - Incredible new voices for your EL! Comes as a 3-disk set at only 17.50.



THE MILLENNIUM BOX - A collection of 10 stunning registration disks in one presentation box, based around the 101 songs in the book "101 Hits For Buskers Book 1"



SONGBOOK COLLECTION - 3 disks based around the Kenneth Baker organ books "Songbook 1", "Songbook 2" and "Songbook 3". All new rhythms and registrations!




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