Carrying on from the first disk, this new Tyros disk is based around the SECOND of the “Ballroom Favourites” books in the “One More Time” series.

COMPLETELY DIFFERENT styles have been created to form the SEVENTEEN new medleys in this book, again utilising more than one style to give those all important EXTRA variations (up to EIGHT PER MEDLEY).

The shear variety on offer here is bewildering! Besides the new FOXTROTS, WALTZES + QUICKSTEPS, we also give you OLD TYME WALTZES, SAMBAS, BEGUINES…even ROARIN’ TWENTIES, THE TWIST and MARCH OF THE MODS, plus many more!

As with the first BALLROOM FAVOURITES disk, this one is also set up for ease-of-use, and can even play directly off the disk, so there’s NO LOADING TO DO! Take a look at some of the songs covered on this disk...


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 (Also suitable for Tyros 2)

PRICE £25, BOOK £9.99  

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WARNING: The books are now ONLY available from us, and we have LIMITED STOCK (the whole “One More Time” series is being deleted!) Order NOW to avoid disappointment.

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