Here is a brand new disk based around the popular busker book “One More Time Bk.9 – Ballroom Favourites”. There are tons of new styles to accompany the SEVENTEEN terrific medleys in the book (most of the medleys consist of at least TWO new Tyros styles to accommodate for more variations – usually a minimum of 8 variations per medley. Wow! And that means some medleys have up to SIX INTROS + ENDINGS or more).

Each style comes with a full compliment of 8 beautiful Tyros Registrations – many incorporating fantastic new ORGAN or BIG BAND arrangements (by popular demand). I am convinced these are some of the finest registrations you will ever play on Tyros! They blow Yamaha’s OTS settings to pieces!!!

The 17 medleys cover everything from QUICKSTEPS to CHA CHAS, FOXTROTS to RHUMBAS, and WALTZES to TANGOS. And of course you don't get away without the novelty dances! Yes, THE BIRDY SONG, ST. BERNARD'S WALTZ, and a terrifically Scotch ‘THE GAY GORDONS’. They’re all here – and more!

The waltzes on the Tyros are very mediocre, I’m sure you’ll agree. WE HAVE SPOILT YOU WITH THIS DISK! There are loads of gorgeous waltz variations, and swing fans are also well catered for with the stunning Foxtrot and Quickstep styles!

The book comes in “busker format” – just the melody plus chord symbols above it (and the words), all in easy key signatures. Here’s just a small selection of the songs covered:

Don't forget - these are all neatly arranged into medleys in exactly the same format as in the book. You can have the song titles displayed on the Tyros screen to show you which registration button goes with which song etc. Pedals, multi pads etc are all set up for the best effect for each style. It really couldn't be easier! Multi Finger is set as standard, so you can play full chords or even single-finger chords and the results will still be terrific.

(Also suitable for Tyros 2)

PRICE £25, BOOK £9.99  

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WARNING: The books are now ONLY available from us, and we have LIMITED STOCK (the whole “One More Time” series is being deleted!) Order NOW to avoid disappointment.

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