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"One More Time: Book 1 - Songs for Parties, Pubs & Clubs" RE-PRINTED AT LAST! Details HERE!

A Guide For ALL Organists & Keyboard Players


Incredible new 2nd Edition! (ONLY £19.95 if downloaded!)

Written by Neil Blake, himself a musician with over 30 years experience of playing to an audience. This book covers virtually EVERY aspect of ‘playing for money’…. in great detail! This is the book you NEED to take your music out to the masses. Don’t keep it to yourself, GO OUT AND MAKE SOME MONEY FROM YOUR HOBBY!

The original print run of 500 copies are completely SOLD OUT! Rather than produce a further batch of 500, Neil decided to update and upgrade this edition to include the information he wanted to place in the original, but had no room or time to do so.

He also wants to share with you the many new ideas, tips and tricks he’s picked up since the publication of the last book.

More importantly, he wants to give you the FULL DETAILS of all the priceless CONTACTS he’s come across, mostly the vast websites which he has painstakingly hand picked and researched on your behalf! These have taken weeks to find and research - worth the price of the book alone!

Let’s take a look at what you’ll find within the pages of this essential book for all keyboard players and organists (whether you’re out to make money OR if you’re simply a home player requiring tips and tons of FREE stuff!)

How to overcome nerves & how to RELAX!

Playing to an audience, have them laughing at themselves and remembering you fondly for it!

Auditions and how to pass them with ease.

Making mistakes and actually putting them to your advantage! DON'T DO A GIG UNTIL YOU'VE READ THIS!

8 different ways of finding work & which one works the best!

Adding HUMOUR to your performance. Large, updated section packed with witty one-liners, hilarious jokes, heckler stoppers, funny introductions + closures etc.

Choosing the right equipment, and how to buy CHEAP (covers buying second hand AND new). How to strike the BEST deals, and what NOT to buy.

Getting the best sound on stage.

Presentation tips.

Singalongs & a list of the songs your audience simply CAN’T resist singing along to!

Working with a drummer, counting in etc.

Backing club acts. Preparing for it, dressing room rehearsals, what to do if there are no chord symbols on the music, hand signals revealed etc. (No, not that one!)

Backing volunteer singers (the “Free & Easy”... extensive section) – including how to busk, what to expect, find the singer’s key, fool-proof introductions, and a list of the 60 most requested songs you’ll come across.

Singing and playing – yes you CAN do it! Includes a list of the EASIEST songs to sing – and even the easiest keys to sing them in!

Working in a band, trio or duo. Including sections on rehearsals, management, agents, getting gigs and how to get more money out of every gig!

Using a simple £200 karaoke machine to boost your income at every gig, and the cheapest place in the world to get the discs!

Teaching for a living & how to do it WITHOUT a single qualification

Working in a music shop, the 10 main advantages (and the pitfalls), how to SELL SELL SELL, and the BEST things to sell for maximum commission!

Backing tracks...all the different formats and how they are used

Running a music quiz (including sample questions and blank quiz sheet to photocopy) lots more!

Playing for dancing? Take a look at this…

The book also includes an extensive section devoted to one of the most controversial forms of entertaining...playing for dancing, including:

How to successfully play for modern, ballroom and sequence dancing. All the “do’s and don'ts”

The correct standard dance tempos, and why some of them are WRONG (I list the tempos you should be using!)

Choosing the right dances, and the right songs for each dance!

Over 30 pages of lists, giving you hundreds of suggested song ideas to play to each dance, like 270+ Quickstep songs, 280+ Foxtrots, 100+ Old Time Waltzes, 65 Sambas, 90 Cha Chas, 60+ Tangos, 100+ Rhumbas, Jives, Veletas, Barn Dances etc – all in neat, alphabetical tables with extra blank columns for you to customise & fill, add key signatures, book/page numbers etc

Sequences, counting the bars and finishing at the right time etc.

How to get the tempo right every time – even without any audio or visual indication (from memory!). Little known method revealed!

Intros and endings...the keys to success in playing for dancing. All the tips and tricks!

Absolutely everything you need to know about...

Working in Old Folk’s Homes

Restaurants / lounge / cocktail bars (including a list of the most beautiful songs you could possibly play!)

Private functions (including 200+ essential party song suggestions)



Singalong nights


The keyboard society circuit etc. (including 200+ essential Instrumental song suggestions)

What to play, what to say, and what you can expect to earn in each venue etc. Also inside...

Minding your own tips etc.

Life “on the road”, including checklists, insurance, lifting, loading & carrying tips.

The Internet & why you need it – including how you can access the internet without even OWNING a computer!

Finding work on the internet & where to advertise your services for FREE!

Online lessons, games, scales & chords, teaching tips, songwriters’ resources, forums, subscribe to up to 300 FREE music related e-zines, download over 50 free music newsletters, free music programs, and services galore!!!

Cheapest place to buy your CDs and DVDs. Up to 40% off retail free!

Where to buy ORIGINAL & out-of-print sheet music at around £2 per copy

Where to buy the most beautiful (and cheap) UNIQUE showbiz stage wear, ties, waistcoats, jewellery, gifts and stationary (superb Scottish mail order company)

PLUS - a little known website where you can download mp3 tracks for just 8p each - from The Beatles to Sinatra. Thousands and thousands of songs all easy to download to your PC - and best of all its safe and virus free!


All those promised CONTACT DETAILS for FREE sheet music, FREE lyrics, FREE midifiles to 100,000s of songs: CLASSICAL, POP & ROCK, COUNTRY & WESTERN, JAZZ, BLUES, SHOWTUNES, FILM & TV THEMES, CHRISTMAS SONGS, CHILDREN’S SONGS, ROCK’N’ROLL, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s right up to today’s charts FREE!!! But ONLY if you know where to look! (Most midifile sites have disappeared...THESE HAVEN’T...yet!)…..and much, MUCH, more!

Over 120 places to visit for FREE MIDIFILES, FREE SHEET MUSIC, and FREE LYRICS to 100,000s of songs! In fact, everything you need as a musician!

All at the touch of a button!


PRICE £24.99 (ONLY £19.95 if downloaded!)



NEW! Incredible New Book!

OK, it's nothing much to do with music, but nevertheless a fantastic new  

FUN BOOK by Neil Blake. ONLY £5

1001 Icebreakers


It happens to us all! You’re on that all-important first date; or you’re out socialising with friends; having a business lunch with the boss; chatting to a neighbour in the street; making conversation with a stranger on a long train journey; or simply talking to a loved one over a romantic dinner.

Before long, the conversation starts to wear a little thin, subject matters disappear, and you’re left with an awkward, embarrassing ‘pregnant pause’, which could only be filled with the words "SAY SOMETHING!" screamed out loud to fill the void. That’s where this brilliant new book comes in.

When you’re stuck for something to say, need to strike up a conversation quickly, or you simply want to get to know the other person better – pull out ‘1001’.

There are over 1000 interesting ‘personal’ questions to choose from – any one of which could (and probably will) spark off an interesting conversation that could lead, basically, anywhere!

This book is also an essential party companion. Whip this out at any gathering (bide your time at funerals!), and you’ll be chattering into the early hours.

The questions provoke amusing replies, shocking revelations, silly answers, life-long secrets, nostalgic flashbacks, loving memories, gasps of disbelief, intelligent insights, and sexy disclosures. The conversations that ensue will bring laughter… and tears. But boredom will become a thing of the past. Just don’t milk it - OK? Warning: ONLY THE BRAVEST PEOPLE WILL GET THROUGH THE LAST CHAPTER!

As a taster for the book, we’ve chosen a few icebreakers totally at random...


Which famous person would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?


What was your favourite childhood toy?


If you were to executed in the morning, what would be your last meal?


What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever smelt?


Describe your dream home.


Who is the ugliest person you know?


What TV programs did you love as a child?


If you could change anything about your body, what would it be?


Where was the most unusual place you had sex?


What is the most frightening thing you've ever seen?


Who is the richest person you know?


Which bad habit irritates you the most?


Are you for or against capitol punishment?


Whose bed would you least like to wake up in?


Order your ideal Indian meal.


What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?


Which celebrity would you most like to see assassinated?


What's the worst service you ever had from a shop?


Have you ever seen a ghost?


What song would be absolute torture to have to sit through over and over again?


Price only £5

(plus postage £1 UK, or £3 air mail)

1001 Icebreakers




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