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Miscellaneous Disks For Technics Organs


Various other titles we have for Technics organs. Please follow the links to view the contents of each disk...




Country & Western - 10 new styles featuring all those "Yee-Haa" patterns! PASA DOBLE, COUNTRY BALLAD, SLOW and FAST COUNTRY WALTZ etc.


bulletParty Pack ( 2 - disk set) - what can we say about this except that this is the ONLY disk set you'll ever need to make a party SWING! You name it - it's on these 2 disks!


bulletThe Ultimate Singalong ( 2 - disk set ) - brilliant selection of SINGALONG medleys, as covered in the best selling book "One More Time: Songs For Parties Pubs & Clubs". Says it all.


bulletInstrumental Hits 1 + 2 ( 2 - disk set ) - For the first time ever on any software package, the Intros, Endings, fills, styles and variations ( + SOUNDS ) to 40 of the most popular Instrumentals of all time! Titles include : TAKE FIVE - THE DAMBUSTERS - DUELLIN' BANJOS - SONG FOR GUY - APACHE - THE BIRDIE SONG - ALBATROSS - THE ENTERTAINER - GREENSLEEVES - GREEN ONIONS - TELSTAR - STRANGER ON THE SHORE - CAVATINA - CHARIOTS OF FIRE - MORNINGS AT SEVEN - ANNIE'S SONG ........ and many more!


bullet40 Famous Names - 40 new patterns + many new SOUNDS covering everyone from ACKER BILK to KLAUS WUNDERLICH, from GLEN MILLER to MANTOVANI!     ( not for KN5000 etc).


bullet40 More Famous Names - covering everyone from JAMES LAST to BERT KAEMPFERT and from DAVE BRUBECK (yes, that song) to LIBERACE! ( not for KN5000 etc).


bulletAround The World - covering no less than 80 new patterns on a journey around the world!






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