How To Order


How To Order...


You can now purchase in total safety from this website by VISA, MASTERCARD or SWITCH using our secure and encrypted shopping cart system.

Simply click on the appropriate gray button at the bottom of the page for the disk/s you're interested in. This disk will be added to your 'buying list' ('shopping cart'), and you'll then have the choice of completing your purchase OR returning to the website (to "continue shopping").

At any time, you can continue shopping for more disks, or select any button marked VIEW SHOPPING CART or CHECK YOUR SHOPPING CART to see what you've already selected.

When you're ready to purchase, click on ORDER CHECKOUT or VIEW SHOPPING CART screen. You'll then be able to fill in the secure online Order Form. Please ensure you fill out all the details correctly

EMAIL ME if you get stuck!

Why not FAX your order through - 01709 850864 (UK) 44 1709 850864 (overseas)

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At the bottom of every disk's contents page, you'll see several gray buttons offering you the options on how to order your disks.

Emailed Disks ('Deliver by EMAIL')

SAVE!!! "SEND IT TO ME BY EMAIL". This allows the disk to be sent as an "attachment" with an email direct to your Inbox, and carries a discounted price of £1 LESS than the retail price. So this is the fastest and cheapest delivery method (and the most popular). Disks can be sent ANYWHERE in the world, usually within 24 hours or less!

To unzip the disk/s when they arrive, you'll need the WINZIP program. This program is available FREE from the link below. Anyone using the internet should have this program. It's essential for downloading - and will also save you space on your hard drive!



Post (UK) ('Deliver by UK POST')

There is a now a standard charge of £1 per disk (£1.50 for 2-disk sets, but NOT the PSR9000 TOP TRAX disks, which are still £1). UK residents will receive their disks by First Class Post if you select these buttons, usually within 1 - 2 working days***

The price of these disks will include the cost of First Class Postage. 



Air Mail ('Deliver by AIR MAIL')

There is a standard AIR MAIL charge of £1.50 for each disk you order. Two-disk sets are £3.

The price of these disks will include the Air Mail cost. Any books on offer will also be charged extra to cover Air Mail costs, though this is usually reflected in the price.


You'll also see under the gray "buy" buttons a "VIEW SHOPPING CART" button. This is for the benefit of people who are surfing the site, selecting more than one disk to buy.

You can order a disk by clicking on the appropriate gray button (ie. "SEND IT TO ME BY EMAIL"), then continue shopping for more disks. The "VIEW SHOPPING CART"/"CHECK YOUR SHOPPING CART" button allows you to keep checking how much your total selection of disks has come to so far (without actually placing submitting your order). These "VIEW SHOPPING CART" buttons have been placed at the bottom of ALL the web pages for instant access to your current shopping cart.

If you don't wish to pay by credit card, you can pay by one of the following methods:

To be found in your Post Office or perhaps a bank. Also called an International Postal Order.
Cheques are accepted only if they have the name and address of an ENGLISH BANK on them ie. The Nat West. They must also have a SORT CODE which is a 6 digit number (divided into 3 sets of 2, for example: 55-89-42 ) Please make cheques payable to NEIL BLAKE.
Cash is accepted if in English pounds sterling, for example in fives or ten pound notes. Please note – this is the riskiest method of payment, though we’ve had this method used without incident several times in the past.

You can, alternatively, wire the funds straight into our bank account. EMAIL ME for details.

Our Mailing Address ('snail mail')
15 St. Leonards Croft,
S. Yorkshire,
S65 4RB
Tel: 01709 850864

Why not FAX your order through - the number is (UK) 01709 850864

(Outside the UK) 44 1709 850864

ALL PRICES ARE IN UK POUNDS STERLING. We do not currently do currency conversions. Credit Card companies automatically do the math at the current day's exchange rates - at no charge.

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Due to a recent security breach and the fact that any returns policy lays our software wide open to piracy, we have decided to withdraw our money-back guarantee with effect from January 1st 2002.

Any disks purchased may be returned ONLY IF THEY ARE FAULTY. A replacement disk will then be sent in return (the same title). Music books cannot be refunded either, though once again we will exchange any damaged or faulty items.

Should you be a new customer, and therefore unsure as to the quality of our disks, please note that WE DO OFFER A FREE SAMPLE DISK for most models (except the Yamaha PSR9000/9000pro). Just ask if you havenít received one already.



**Our fast service does not refer to midifile disks or music books, which may take up to 14 days.




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