Blank Disks


Blank Disks 



We can supply quality blank DD or HD formatted disks for your keyboard or organ. Double Density disks (DD) are getting increasingly difficult to find, but you can order them directly from us (see below).




Double Density Disks (DD's) - PLEASE NOTE: these disks are now very rare to come by!


These are now very rare and increasingly hard to find in the UK. The problem will also get worse in other countries as they are faded out in favour of their HD (High Density) equivalents. Ideal for older models, in particular Technics keyboards pre-KN5000 and older Technics organs (EN, GA, GX range), and also earlier Yamaha PSR keyboards. Usually supplied in a protective plastic case!


Price per box of 10 (formatted): 9.99





High Density Disks (HD's)


These are the modern day disk, ideal for all recent keyboards (Yamaha PSR7000 upwards, Technics KN5000 upwards, Yamaha Electones, Roland etc). They hold twice as much information as a DD disk with the only drawback being that they will not work on many older keyboards.


Price per box of 10 (formatted): 4.99







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